6 Tips How To Keep A Conversation Going

6 Tips How To Keep A Conversation Going

When it comes so interpersonal relationships sometimes people have a hard time communicating among themselves.  It is really hard to communicate with someone if that person doesn’t want to talk.  However, there are ways in which you can keep the conversation going without talking too much or a sinking into uncomfortable silence.  Sometimes we are so scared of this silence that we keep rabbiting on about everything and anything just to avoid the awkward sounds of silence.  This however is using wrong strategy and a wrong way to go about it.  If you want to keep a conversation going, here’s what you should do.

  1. Listen!

getting-your-dog-to-listen-to-youIf you want to keep the conversation going first you should be able to know how to listen to the person you are talking to.  If you show genuine interest for and what of the person is saying this will allow you to communicate better and it will also make this person want to communicate with you.  If you don’t know what to talk about listen for conversational leads.  If for example, the person mentions that they are going on a vacation, perhaps you should tell a story about your own vacation or ask them questions about their vacation plans.

  1. Keep Up!

If you want to have something to talk about you should better keep up with the news and tried to be as interesting as you can.  Having something to say will always keep the conversation going.  And if you have nothing to say than conversation will inevitably come to an end.  You can always express your opinion on everything and anything, and make sure that you have an opinion on most of things.

  1. Show Genuine Interest!

Seducing beautiful woman looking at her lover with wine glass.If you show some genuine interest in this person they will feel more relaxed and they will want to confide in you and they will want to talk to you.  Showing genuine interest for their lives and opinions will make them feel more relaxed and at ease.  They will also want to share more with you.

  1. Avoid Yes/No Questions

Yes/no questions will definitely lead into a dead-end of any conversation.  If you want to keep the conversation going you should ask or open-ended questions, you should ask the person you are talking to about their opinions, their beliefs.  So, instead of asking whether the person has visited a specific city, try asking their favorite place they have visited.

  1. Don’t Judge, Keep An Open Mind And Open Up Your Body Language

If the person you are talking to doesn’t get a positive feedback from you, bought the negative a one, they will probably shut you off to any further conversation, and soon you will not be able to communicate.  Make sure that you give your positive feedback and try not to judge their opinions and beliefs.  This requires that you have an open mind and to try to understand why they are saying what they’re saying.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Silent

Also I think that you should not be afraid of silence, sometimes a little bit of silence is even good, so do not try to talk with someone if they are showing resilience to the very idea of communicating. Besides, sometimes we are silent only when we are comfortable around this person, so perhaps it’s good silence, not disturbing one.

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